Night Prayer

Be present, Spirit of God,
within us, your dwelling place and home,
that this house may be one where
all darkness is penetrated by your light,
all troubles calmed by your peace,
all evil redeemed by your love,
all pain transformed in your suffering,
and all dying glorified in your risen life. Amen.


              -New Zealand Prayer Book, pg. 183

Anglican Rosary Prayers

Rosary Beads from Unspoken Elements

Rosary Beads from Unspoken Elements

For this Lenten Season, I'm saying Rosary Prayers each day to help me in reflection on my faith and God's word.

Click on the audio file below for an 8-minute podcast of one set of the prayers if you would like to join me in saying them each day. 

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Blessings, my friend,



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New Zealand Night Prayer


"God our Creator, our centre, our friend, we thank you for our good life, for those who are dear to us, for our dead, and for all who have helped and influenced us. We thank you for the measure of freedom we have, and the extent to which we control our lives; and most of all we thank you for the faith that is in us, for our awareness of you and our hope in you. Keep us, we pray you, thankful and hopeful and useful until our lives shall end.


From: A New Zealand Prayer Book, pg. 183.